5 Foolproof Wedding Makeup Tips For Everyone

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. You deserve to look and feel your absolute best and have photos that you love almost as much as your new husband (kidding!). Wedding day makeup is meant to play up your glowing smile and beautiful features in a way that stands out from any other day. And with so many photos being taken, it’s essential that your makeup is done in a way that looks great in real life but that also photographs well. Below are several tips on how to ensure that your makeup looks exactly how you want it to on your big day.

The Eyes Have It

For wedding makeup you want to enhance and brighten your eyes. Your eyes and smile say it all, so it’s important to give these two areas a little more love and effort than you usually would. Adding colour to the crease of your lids helps to define your eye colour, just make sure not to go too dark otherwise you’ll get the opposite effect. Rust and bronzey neutrals make blue eyes appear even bluer, and a neutral smokey eye is always gorgeous on blue eyes. Shades of purple, copper and red make green eyes pop. Gold eye-shadow helps bring out that striking yellow in hazel eyes. Purple shades also do wonders for brown eyes – these colours together are stunning. Bronze and coppers are also great for various shades of brown eyes. It’s best to get an idea of what look you want to go with and then discuss it with your makeup artist at your trial.

The prep work is also important. Use an eye-shadow primer before applying your colour to prevent creasing. Creasing tends to be inevitable, especially when the colour is on for so many hours while also trying to survive body temperature changes that result from nerves, excitement, dancing, etc. Too Faced Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye shadow Primer is a popular option that continues to receive fantastic reviews.

Be Kiss-Me Ready

Lips are where it’s at on your wedding day. Emphasise that happy smile. We recommend you stick with what you know for your wedding and don’t choose a shade that is too far outside your comfort zone or not what you would normally wear. You want to look ravishing, but you also still want to look like YOU. Stick with pinks, roses and plums, anything neutral really, and you can’t go wrong.

Avoid going “too” anything – not too glossy, not too matte – basically, no extreme texture. Aim for a more satin, moisturising look.  Also, think of your lips and cheeks as a team – make sure that your lip colour compliments your blush or cheek stain.

And The Rest Of It

Use smudge-free, waterproof products, for obvious reasons on your wedding day. I’m sure you will be getting emotional thinking about how lucky your new husband is to have you ;), sweating from dancing the night away, laying your cheek on his chest during your first dance as husband and wife, the forcefully aggressive hug that your great aunt graces you with following the ceremony, and the many hours that you will be spending celebrating this unique love and huge milestone in your lives.

Use a setting product to give your makeup its best chance at staying in place. Sprays and powders both do the trick; I prefer sprays because they often contain hydrating elements and create more of a dewy look, whereas powder tends to leave more of a matte, drying effect. Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Setting Spray and Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder are both great options.

Stay away from any look that is overly out-of-the-box. However, you’ll want to wear heavier makeup than usual because it is a special occasion and your everyday amount of makeup may not show up on camera (plus white tends to be a wash-out colour). But in terms of style, it’s best not to do anything too eccentric or over the top. Whatever you do, make sure you’ve gone through your look at the trial while wearing a color as close to that of your dress as possible. I also recommend taking photos during your trial to ensure that all of the products and application techniques photograph well. For example, putting a dab of highlighter on the tip of your nose brightens your face beautifully; however, in photos, this technique can sometimes create an unwanted shine.

Blend makeup down your neck – do not stop application right at your jawline, as your face should be the same colour as the rest of your body, especially your neck. Highlighter is a great way to add a subtle glow to your already present natural glow. Apply to your brow bone, cheekbone, the curve of your cupid’s bow and your inner eye.