Brunette woman applying pink lip gloss

The Easy Five Minute Makeup Hack


Getting ready to go to work in the morning needs to be a streamlined process for most people. Admit it, you hit the snooze more times than you would like to, trying to nab a few extra minutes of precious sleep. That makes it harder to spend quality time getting ready. You have to shower, do you hair, and put on some makeup to face the day. It all takes time. You can shave a few minutes off your cosmetic routine by going minimal, but using multi-tasking items. The key is to use products that do double duty for you. All you need are these three makeup items and you’re out the door.

#1: A Foundation Stick

A foundation stick is the best way to quickly apply all over coverage, or just tackle the spots where you need it. It will even out your skin tone to give you a polished look quickly. Just swipe it on, blend with your fingers and it will set itself. The best part of the foundation stick as your base, is that you can use it like a concealer to cover up those under eye circles that everyone is prone to.

Use it on your eyelids as well, to cover the thin skin if you have visible veins. Hourglass makes an excellent Foundation Stick ($67) that allows for buildable coverage and it’s cruelty free!

#2: Lip/Cheek Two-In-One

Many companies make a lip/cheek two-in-one that you can use as blush and lip color. Some of the best ones are the Multiple from Nars Cosmetics ($57), Becca’s Beach Tint ($25), and Charlotte Tilbury’s Beach Stick ($55). Plus, if you get it in a bronze, rose, or even a mauve colored shade you can swipe a little bit on your eyelids as a eye shadow. It’s a simple way to get an all over touch of color that looks naturally pretty.

#3: Mascara

Never, ever underestimate the transforming properties of mascara. It can make your entire face look more polished and professional in one quick swipe. It opens up your eyes in a way that looks so much better than just bare lashes alone. Choose a formula that gives you lots of “oomph” with extra length and volume. You want a little va va voom with your lashes because it finishes your look. You can also rub a little extra along your lash line as an eyeliner. Check out By Terry’s Mascara Terrybly, available at Mecca for $77 or Poni Cosmetics White Knight Tubing Mascara for guaranteed smudge-proof and sweat-proof wear ($30).

With just these three multi-tasking products you can achieve a polished day look that will take you anywhere. And all done and ready in under five minutes!